Howdy, Y’all

Welcome to the ranch! The Root Cellar is the food blog of Root River Ranch, a small-scale sustainable working ranch and orchard in the gorgeous Four Corners region of SW Colorado. Personally, I believe that food is the ultimate intersection of culture and ecology. An insight into who we are, where we come from and how we live. I hope you enjoy my explorations of our local culinary traditions, history and culture as well as my adventures growing food and ranchin’ in the wild west. Whether you’re looking for a specific down-on-the-ranch recipe, food preservation tips, suggestions on what to do with your local CSA bounty or are just curious about how folks cook dinner when they’ve spent all year looking it in the eye… hope you’ll take some time to mosey around a bit, find what you’re lookin for and then some. and don’t forget to come on back, now. ya, hear?

“… creating the world is involved in our every act. It is impossible for us to operate in our daily lives and not create the world that everyone must live in. What we desire arranges the genetic code in all of our major crops and livestock. We cannot avoid participating in the creation, and it is in agriculture, far and away our largest and most basic artifact, that human culture and the creation totally interpenetrate.”  -Wes Jackson